The launch of SOUTH 55 took place in Chichester Library on Thursday 25th May 2017.

There was an excellent turnout. As usual, some poets had travelled from many corners of the land to enjoy an evening of poetry and camaraderie.

The Library was a very good venue; there was a welcoming circular space, and good acoustics. The evening opened as usual with poems by the selectors for the issue, Finola Holiday and Fay Marshall. Eight more poets, whose work appeared in this issue, then gave readings. A welcome refreshment break followed - the 25th was the hottest day of the year so far - and there was a chance to mingle, to renew membership, and to browse through the books and pamphlets available.

Camilla Lambert, the profiled poet for SOUTH 55, started the second half of the programme; her reading was recorded and can be seen here.

It was a fine evening of poetry of great variety - humourous, historic, political, comic. There were also some arresting and moving moments. Thank you so much to the poets who came and shared your poems with us all, and also thanks to those who came to listen.

Previous readings by profiled poets can be found on the Links page.