Web links

On this page you will find links we hope are of interest to SOUTH supporters.


Below are poetry websites where SOUTH subscribers have work published. If you are a subscriber and would like a link to your work to appear here, please email us.

Sarah Barr teaches creative writing and writes poetry and fiction. Take a look at her website ...
Sarah Barr's website

Joan McGavin teaches creative writing at the University of Winchester. You can see some of her poetry at this website ...
Joan McGavin's website

Patrick Osada has been publishing work on his poetry website for twelve years. It is regularly updated, and, if requested, Patrick will email you to alert you when there is new material.
Patrick Osada's website

Lynda O'Neill has information and poems at a site highlighting the work of current poets ...
Lynda O'Neill's web entry

Previous launch readings

Below is a list of links to readings by profiled poets.

SOUTH 68 : Angela Croft

SOUTH 67 : Michael Newman

SOUTH 66 : Margaret Wilmot

SOUTH 65 : Dorothy Yamamoto

SOUTH 63 : Miriam Patrick

SOUTH 62 : Andrew Geary

SOUTH 61 : Nicola Warwick

SOUTH 60 : Richard Williams

SOUTH 59 : Mark Totterdell

SOUTH 58 : Jeremy Hilton reads poems by Christopher Allan

SOUTH 57 : Kitty Coles

SOUTH 56 : Jean Watkins

SOUTH 55 : Camilla Lambert

SOUTH 54 : Terry Quinn

SOUTH 53 : Patrick Osada

SOUTH 52 : Jeremy Page

SOUTH 51 : Anne Peterson

SOUTH 50 : Peter Butler

SOUTH 49 : Eve Jackson

SOUTH 46 : Carolyn King

SOUTH 45 : Finola Holiday

SOUTH 44 : A F Paterson

SOUTH 43 : Sarah Barr