Current issue reviews

Publications and Reviewers for SOUTH 56

Cheltenham 300 - edited Sharon Larkin; Peter Keeble
Changes - Patarick Osada; D A Prince
Swimming through marble - Gillie Robic; Denise Bennett
Life-savers on all sides - Pauline Hawkesworth; Joan McGavin
Half the human race - Susan Utting; David Ashbee
Passing Arcadia Close - Joan McGavin; Mandy Pannett
Krapp's last tape - the musical - Peter Ebsworth; Michael Henry
Infinite in all perfections - Annie Fisher; Lynda O'Neill
"Are you up there Albert" - Tim Harris; Anne Peterson
Stepping back - resubmission for the Ordinary Level examination in psychogeography - Jeremy Page; Richard Woolmer
Small disturbances - Isabel Bermudez; Richard Palmer

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