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Reviews in SOUTH 65

Here are the titles reviewed in SOUTH 65 together with their author (and reviewer):

Change - Gill Learner (Chrissie Williams)
Poems from the Cities, South Bank Poetry (Rosemary Muncie)
Feverfew - Anna Saunders (Denise Bennett)
The Kilt of Many Colours - David Bleiman (David Ashbee)
The Leading Question - Roger Elkin (Greg Freeman)
Paper Doll by Katherine Lockton - (Carla Scarano D’Antonio)
Sin is Due to Open in a Waiting Room Above Kitty’s - Morag Anderson (Lynda O’Neill)
The Tyring House - Lynn Thornton (Penny Dale)
Mollusc - Mark Totterdell (D.A. Prince)
Marple Must Go! - Greg Freeman (Patrick B. Osada)
A Suitcase Filled with Hope - Antony Mair (Richard Palmer)
Waves 2020, 50th Anniversary Edition Society of Civil and Public Service Writers -editor Mike Boland (Penny Dale)

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