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Reviews in SOUTH 66

Here are the titles reviewed in SOUTH 66 together with their author (and reviewer):

Light Makes it Easy - Rosie Jackson (Carla Scarano D'Antonio)
Meet me in Palermo - Neil Gower (D A Prince)
The Taste of Glass - Clive Donovan (Richard Palmer)
The Fall of Singapore - Greg Freeman (Peter Keeble)
Performance Rites - Barry Smith (Pataraick B Osada)
Silver Samovar - Jenny McRobert (Greg Freeman)
The Naming - Jeremy Page (Maya Pieris)
The Bicycles of Ice and Salt - Jean Atkin (Lynda O'Neill)
Inspired by Music - eds Sharon Larkin and Roger Turner (Anne Peterson)
Koestler Voices: New Poetry from Prisons vol. 3 (David Ashbee)

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