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Publications and Reviewers for SOUTH 58

The Empty Horizon - Paul Terence Carney; Denise Bennett
How The Light Gets In - Patrick B Osada; Richard Woolmer
Asylum - Sean Borodale; Joan McGavin
Hyem - Robyn Bolam; David Ashbee
is a gateway - Jane Spiro; Peter Keeble
Soul Barker - Mark Mansfield; Michael Henry
Gerry Sweeney's Mammy - Donall Dempsey; Mandy Pannett
Instructions for a Quiet Life - Rebecca Bilkau; Lynda O'Neill
Invisibility for Beginners - Helen Pizzey; Patrick B Osada
All the Relevant Gods - Robin Houghton; Richard Palmer
Don't Call Us Dead - Danez Smith; D A Prince

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