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Reviews in SOUTH 67

Here are the titles reviewed in SOUTH 67 together with their author or editor (and reviewer):

Poetry & All That Jazz - Chichester Poetry (Patrick B Osada)
What Rita Tells Me - Janet Hatherley (Denise Bennett)
Echoes from the OL=ld Hill - ed. Jeremy Page (D A Prince)
Warriors - Sundra Lawrence (Maya Pieris)
The End - Gareth Writer-Davies (Richard Woolmer)
Fool's Paradise - Zoe Brooks (Carla Scarano D'Antonio)
Evidence of Love - Marion Tracy (Lynda O'Neill)
Jurassic Bus and other poems - Richard Green(Greg Freeman)
Memory Tree - Gareth Culshaw (David Ashbee)
Cracked Asphalt - Sree Sen (Peter Keeble)
British People in Hot Weather - Paul McGrane (Richard Palmer)

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