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Reviews in SOUTH 61

Here are the titles reviewed in SOUTH 61 together with their author and reviewer:

Called to The Edge – anthology; Greg Freeman
The Blue Boob Club - Daphne Milne; Carla D’Antonio
Breakfast under a Yellow-Bellied Sun - Graham Burchell; Rosemary Muncie
The Last Parent - Anne Stewart; Patrick B. Osada
Surge - Jay Bernard; D A Prince
Adversaries/Comrades - Gail Aldwin; Lynda O’Neill
Passengers and other Poems - Peter W Keeble; Richard Woolmer
Man Walking on Water with Tie Askew - Margaret Wilmot; Richard Palmer
All The Different Darknesses – Gill Horitz; Maya Pieris
“At first it felt like flying” - Charlie Baylis and Andrew Taylor; David Ashbee

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