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Poets in SOUTH 64

Poets and poems for SOUTH 64 are shown below:

Sarah Barr February
Veronica Beedham Irène
Denise Bennett You are not Icarus, Bruised fruit
Rosalind Bleach A Conjunction while Distancing
Trevor Breedon First Steps
Julie Burke Night Male
Sue Burkett Hidden Pockets—Zhen Xian Bao
Andrew Curtis Legerdemain
Christine Curtis Natural Childbirth 1972
S K Davis In Your Shoes
Heather Deckner A First Brush…
Marilyn Donovan Aud the Deep-minded, Lavenham Blue
Claire Dyer The Music for our Mother’s Funeral
Greg Freeman The Paper Round
Hilary Hares Beyond poetry, Dancing on the Head of a Pin
Alice Harrison Lately, Bunking Off
Tony Hendry What it is
Richard Hughes Beach party
Edna Hutchings The Quarrel
Eve Jackson The Night the Willow Fell
John Kay Model Poet 2021, Chocolate
Camilla Lambert Time-slip
Robert Leach Buttons and Threads
Dave Martin A Runcible on Brownsea Island, Royal Bavarian Gardeners
Vicki Morley Powder blue with faux fur
Pat Murgatroyd The Desk He Gave Her
Liz Neal Grandfather
David Olsen Tinnitus at Three
Lynda O’Neill I come from
Adrian Parry As if
A F Paterson Messages
Miriam Patrick Muster 1914
Anne Peterson Messaging Venus
Stuart Pickford Tie, Arek
D A Prince Never-never land
Pat Simmons A private love
Madelaine Smith Winnowing
Julia Stothard The Gasworks, INTP
Georgina Titmus Sun Globe
Karina Vidler A time for giving, bok bok, Eddie
Louise Walker Wallpaper, Sunday Cook
Nicola Warwick Harbour Spell
Emily Webb The Late Devonian Extinction
Chrissie Williams Motionless
Margaret Wilmot My husband is an apparition
Geoffrey Winch Tea in the Bedsitter
Judith Wozniak Circles of light

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