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Poets in SOUTH 60

Poets and poems for SOUTH 60 are shown below:

Kevin Barrett American photographer
Elizabeth Barton Dartford warbler
Ruth Blaug Spring
Sarah Bryson Collecting chestnuts
Rachel Burns Horses
Peter Burrows Eavesdropping
Ian Caws Clothes
Kitty Coles The berries
Jim Conwell Fish
Christine Curtis Reverence for birth at Botallack
Heather Deckner Settled status
Clive Donovan Ghost train
Peter Ebsworth No woman, no sales
Linda Ewles Shakespeare's smartphone
Gail Ferguson Four-leaf clover
Teresa Forrest In a corner of the Geriatric Ward
Maryann Foster On a roll
Marilyn Francis Strange fruit
Greg Freeman The local rag
Richard Green The crocodile
Jenny Hamlett The new winter
Jenny Hammond The school dance
Stuart Handysides Crossed threads
Tony Hendry Crossroads
Michael Henry The antique dealer
Eve Jackson Eye test for a teenager
Margaret Jennings The precision of linen
Dorrie Johnson A wife's lament
Carolyn King Sipping champagne (or should that now be sipping sherry) with Simon Armitage
Wendy Klein Soul food
Penelope Lamport Undertakers
Dorothy Lawrenson In the Ghyll
Gill Learner Caught out
Dave Martin There are no Ref stickers published by Panini
Kathleen McPhilemy   Dark
Elizabeth Neal The Cornish penny
Michael Newman Breathing space
James B Nicola Irishmen
Kate Noakes One thing I meant to do with the girls was; It's harder to judge the speed of a horse than a car
Lynda O'Neill A bit forgetful
Mhairi Owens In Broca's region
Martin Parker Ten minute task
D. A. Prince Here be dragons
Sarah Salway 'She did her best'
Carla Scarano   Cooking betrayal
Verity Schanche Kissing made no difference
Barry Smith Elizabeth, expectant
Madelaine Smith Parish wife, 1936
Sue Spiers When we became a nation of coffee drinkers
Julia Stothard Low tide
Mark Totterdell Light
Roger Turner Growing up in Brittany
Susan Utting Skin
Roddy Williams Good news is no news
Richard Woolmer The earnestness of unimportance
Jacquie Wyatt First cherry
Dorothy Yamamoto Meditation tree, by Ibrahim El-Salahi

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