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Poets in SOUTH 59

Poets and poems for SOUTH 59 are shown below:

David Ashbee My favourite Cheltonian
Trevor Breedon On the white cliffs
Sarah J Bryson Dry summer
Alanna C Burke Tense
Kitty Coles Red kites over the M3
Angela Croft Blown away
Andrew Curtis Saturday breakfast, Torquay; Migrants
Christine Curtis Am I cooking lunch for Bonnard
Heather Deckner Louis from Lebanon
Coleen Doggerty Going to church
Gail Ferguson Wild muse
Sheila Fitzpatrick The goldcrest
Greg Freeman Keats in Rome; The village that time forgot
John Goodger Crossword puzzle
Richard Green At the tomb of the unknown warrior
Jenny Hamlett On silence and sound
Stuart Handysides Le Puy en Velay
Michael Henry That time of year
Eve Jackson Window light
Pat Jackson He gave his drums away; Your bench
Camilla Lambert In and out of light
Sarah Lindon Kingfisher; Limpet
Duncan Lockett-Yeung  On scooters
Tim Love Alone
Vicki Morley Persian rug
Elizabeth Neal When she leaves; Halifax, December 29th 1940
Michael Newman As brown as…
James B Nicola Another thing we know
Sylvia Oldroyd Wish
David Olsen Sea watchers, 1951
Lynda O'Neill Waiting for the King’s Horse; Clothes mad; Verrechia’s
Patrick B Osada Under storm’s wing
Mandy Pannett Postcard, 1939. ‘Mackerel Boats, St Ives’
A. F. Paterson August morning; Reaching back
Miriam Patrick St Richard of Chichester
John Pearson Love song
Anne Peterson Portrait of the artist; Closing time; Your jumper
Nicky Phillips Magpie
Stuart Pickford Before you were mine; Curlew; Homing
Verity Schanche Ghouta March 2018
Christine Storey Verdun bench, Kew Gardens
Georgina Titmus Confirm humanity
Anthony Watts Poetry circle
Julie Whiting My Gran taught me; Absolution
Richard Williams Sirius
Margaret Wilmot Herald
Dorothy Yamamoto Stamp collecting

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