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Poets in SOUTH 57

Poets and poems for SOUTH 57 are shown below:

James Aitchison - This temperate land
Jeffrey Alfier - The corner of Monmouth and Broad Streets
Christopher Allan - Soup
Denise Bennett - Queuing
Peter Borchers - Arrivals
Graham Brown - She keeps his ashes
Terese Coe - Human inadequacy
Claire Coleman - Youth work
Penny Dopson - Mother’s Day
Peter Ebsworth - Theatre talk
Keith Fountain - The night trains
David Gale - Sunday night
Sandra Galton - Arithmomania
Andrew Geary - Little children in the arms of soldiers
Kathy Gee - Perspective
Barry Gray - The shed
Richard Green - Richard III
Hilary Hares - Workout
Pauline Hawkesworth - Storms
Dave Hubble - Shrike
Richard Hughes - Bull
Helen Kay - Bond Street
Peter Keeble - Late to the reunion
Peter Kennedy - Rapscallion
Nigel Kent - Week-ending
Simon Kirwin - A dowry
Wendy Klein - Sifter
Patricia Leighton - The last journey of the cider man
Dave Martin - It’ll be alright boy
Maggie Mealy - Summer court
Lyn Moir - The kite, Long Island, Summer 1941
Ian Mullins - Follow my leader
Sylvia Oldroyd - Nomad
Mandy Pannett - Lacuna
A.F. Paterson - Hoping for crocodiles
Anne Peterson - The daily round
Nicky Phillips - Daughter
Maya Pieris - I was in heaven
D.A. Prince - Afterwards
Patsy Rath - The parakeets of London
Mat Riches - Texts
Daphne Schiller - Ex-POWs, King’s Lynn
Barry Smith - Dallas Belle
Sam Smith - Do they still shoot tourists?
Sue Spiers - To be worn with a black tie
Mike Spilberg - Gone to seed
Anne Stewart - Poem with four titles
Georgina Titmus - Not seagulls
Mark Totterdell - Slugs
John Townsend - Billy Collins’ book
Roger Turner - St Simeon’s
Selwyn Veater - Environmental blues
Nicola Warwick - Garden cross spiders
Jean Watkins - OS Sheet 189: Land’s End
Richard Williams - The feng shui shop on Fratton Road
Roddy Williams - Friday night
Margaret Wilmot - All in the family
Richard Woolmer - Shuffling of words

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