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Poets in SOUTH 55

Poets and poems for SOUTH 55 are shown below:

Jim Alderson – The discreet hunger of funerals
Christopher Allan – Our new bridge
Denise Bennett – The knight speaks to Eleanor
Peter Borchers – When I controlled the world
Graham Brown – Fear of snakes
Alanna C Burke – The academic
Rachel Burns – Ann; Teenage wedding
Eleni Cay – Timeless seduction
Sheena Clover – Poppet
Kitty Coles – Geas
Chris Davis – A garden in Hitchin
Julia Deakin – Unfurnished
Penny Dopson – Grand Canyon
David Ellman – Consummation by foot
Robert Etty – It was on the fifth of August
Robin Ford – From petticoat to bareass; Why I love hawthorn
Maryann Foster – View from a tram
Greg Freeman – Koblenz
David Gale – The end of September
Chris Hardy – Auspices
Pauline Hawkesworth – Clouds
Michael Henry – Part one
Eve Jackson – The box
Wendy Klein – The sex life of the bee orchid
Antony Mair – Gill; Wedding
Andrew Mayne – Down in conservation
Lyn Moir – Saturday morning at Kew
Michael Newman – Foster child
Stuart Nunn – Chimes at midnight; Snake’s head fritillary
Sylvia Oldroyd – Gift
Louise Ordish – Sunday morning in Southwell
Richard Palmer – Walkway
A F Paterson – Family walk to Winspit
Miriam Patrick – Mason’s memorial
Nicky Phillips – The appointment
Maya Pieris – How to secure a place in the family mythology
D. A. Prince – Return ticket
John Timothy Robinson – Maker’s wisdom
Penny Rogers – Wells Cathedral
Verity Schanche – World’s top prelates to decide on date for Easter
Kathryn Southworth – The abstract splurge of joy
Paul Surman – Perched
Robin Thomas – Dogs, dead game and fruit; Grasped
Mark Totterdell – Starlings
Roger Turner – Sandwich Bay
Ben Verinder – A hanging
Nicola Warwick – A life in stone
Jean Watkins – Our gang
Margaret Wilmot – Zebra in the queue
Robin L Wilson – Trophies
Richard Woolmer – The rumble of its music in the sheds

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