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Poets in SOUTH 65

Poets and poems for SOUTH 65 are shown below:

Graham Allison Blessed are the Dippers of Bread in Soup
David Ashbee Andalusia
Helen Ashley Time Lapse
Ben Banyard Doing the Rounds
Rosalind Bleach An Easing of Restrictions
Trevor Breedon With Dignity
Ian Caws Thomas Hardy and the County Librarian
Gareth Culshaw The Farmer Lives Over There
Peter Datyner Screen
SK Davis The Potato Coat
Heather Deckner Pagoda Trees
Wilf Deckner These Windy Isles
Clive Donovan The Old Ballroom
Penny Dopson Pavarotti in April
Peter Ebsworth No Other Platform
Pat Francis Aldgate Pump
Greg Freeman Extra Time
Michael Glenfield Redland
Richard Green The Flying Sorcerer
Jenny Hammond Grandad in Winter
Stuart Handysides History of the Motor Car in Fifty Postcards
Pauline Hawkesworth Finding my Father; Letter from Australia
Michael Henry Rhapsody on a Rainy Day
Timothy Houghton The Kiss
Richard Hughes Sparrowhawk Storm
Eve Jackson Keriđ Crater Lake, Iceland
Helen Larham Tea and Negotiations
Tim Love To Celebrate its Marsiverary, Curiosity Took a Selfie; Craze
John Lynch Eighteenth Birthday
Antony Mair The Collector
Andrew Mayne Known Darkling
Ralph Mold Recapitulation
Alex Morrall Walking Boots
Margot Myers Skeleton House
Michael Newman Supernatural
Kate Noakes Once I Coughed Up Blood; Ice Threatens my Breath
Lynda O’Neill Friends
David Olsen That Day
Ricahrd Palmer Yesterdays
AF Paterson Winterborn
Miriam Patrick Still Life with Teapot
DA Prince Holding the Camera
Terry Quinn Day Trip to Hastings
Penny Rogers Goat Husbandry
Verity Schanche Essence
Brian Shipman Rara Avis
Diane Speakman Trivium
Sue Spiers Borgan Borgan
Roger Turner At the Burial Chapel
Louise Walker Character Actor
Nicola Warwick The Cleverness
Christopher WilliamsPleaching
Margaret Wilmot Valentines
Geoffrey Winch Dreamhouse
Richard Woolmer First Christmas

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