SOUTH Poetry Magazine

SOUTH poetry magazine has earned a special place on the poetry scene. It pioneered a unique system of selection aimed at giving all poets the best possible chance of getting published. SOUTH has just reached its half-century. Some earlier issues can be seen online at the Poetry Library website.

SOUTH 57 is due to be published in April 2018.
The selected poems may now be found in the Next Issue section. Congratulations to all poets selected this time.

IMPORTANT - our PO Box address is:
SOUTH poetry magazine, PO Box 4228, BRACKNELL, RG42 9PX

SOUTH is published twice yearly. It features previously unpublished poems written in English.

Poems are chosen by a selection panel, which changes for each issue. The poets' names are withheld from the panel, to give all poets a fair chance of being published. Around 60 poems are chosen for each issue.

SOUTH features a specially written profile of a well-published poet, accompanied by a generous selection of poems. Book reviews and information for subscribers also appear in each issue. SOUTH encourages the poets it publishes to get to know each other by inviting them to take part in public readings that launch each issue.

SOUTH poetry magazine management team

SOUTH is run by a management team. The current team is: Anne Peterson, Andrew Curtis, Peter Keeble, Patrick Osada, and Chrissie Williams.

Members of the management team are willing to give talks on all aspects of publishing SOUTH which they can combine with a poetry reading. Contact us if you would like us to visit your group - no fee is asked, except covering our travel costs.